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Bruce Cloud, Jr.

I was an over-achiever growing up and an under-achiever now.  My life has been filled with oportunity which in a number of cases I have squandered by misbehaving or bad judgement.  For some reason I have also been blessed with the ability to capture many ideas in the stream of consciousness ... ideas worth sharing.

Over the years I have been writing there has been encouragement and thanks for many of the thoughts I shared for occassions of great happiness and those where sadness needed comfort ... Those are the thoughts most inspired and appreciated.

Bruce Cloud pen & paper writer

My writing roots

Thoughts come to mind and spark a call out for a fuller meaning.  I need to expand on why the thought has any connection to my quandry.  Do I share this intrique with others who if they had a chance would agree with me that the thought was worth pursuing.  Nevertheless, the stimulation from the beginning word to the last keeps me coming back.

Bruce Cloud streaming thoughts onto paper

My style

Pen and Paper are as much a part of my process as the thought itself, sometimes!  By writing and forming out the individual words I have time to think about the next ones coming up... or retrace what I have already jotted down.  The editing instead of deleting represents my total concept even though the line will need to stand for the part it plays.


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